XIBUP is Online

Your International Business Platform is now online!

XIBUP is nothing else then a Business Platform for Users and companies to make easy and fast Business Matches happen!

Now you can expend your Business through finding local or international Partner like Distributer, Integrator, Installers, Manufacturer or even End-User for expending your Business very fast with very low investments.

Now with every Company is able to work internationally. 

You can easily search for companies and more by using the special XIBUP search filters which helps you to find the companies you are looking for.

The Business Match is a special XIBUP tool that makes it possible to find your Partner without searching for hours or even days and month and spending a lot of money and time for traveling and phone costs. The Business Match feature shows you which company fits to you and is looking also for your services or products. So you can directly get in touch with your Contact without doing simple sales acquisition and losing a lot of time.

Try it now for free!!




XIBUP is providing for the first 1.000.000 Users/Companies the free VIP Account for the first 2 years.

As is a Start-Up, surly it needs some time that the platform will be full of international contacts and companies.

To support this, provides a special offer. The first 1.000.000 User or Companies will get all features of the VIP Account for 2 years for free.

So try XIBUP now for free and expand your international Business.