About us

XibUp.com - International Business and Sales is easy now


XibUp.com is a Start-Up from Germany. 

The Idea of XibUp.com is it to connect companies and professionals worldwide.

Especially the international Business and Sales is related to high costs and high time investments like for traveling. XibUp.com target is it to support small and middle sized companies as well as worldwide trading companies to find each other as an initial stage, before starting big investments into the partner Business search.

Company acting teams, like Project Manager, Sales people, Buyer and more will be able to find companies providing products or services they have never heard about before.

Also small companies will be able to build up there international Business and Sales with very low investments by using XibUp.com. As a part of the XibUp.com Business community a worldwide business platform has be created.


XibUp's target is it to become the leading social network platform for professional Business contacts with direct search-found features for starting direct Business.

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