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International Business Partner Match

Find your right business partner is the first social Business Partner Match Platform for B2B Business worldwide with many different features.

One of the most important feature is our "Find a business partner match feature". Find international business partner worlwide by using will change your way in doing business and growth your business very fast. To the same time you will save a lot of costs and time for expensive employees, traveling and more.

The automatic "Find Business Partner Match" feature will connect you to the business partner globally that you are looking for to growth your business.

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Looking for business partner on a platform - Find business partner now

Looking for business partners worldwide is how international business will grow. 
Find business partner and grow every year to meet the sales targets along with the new business partner is the archievment of all companies. 


How to find business partner ? And how to find international business partner ?

How to find business partner is a question that many people think about. 
That's why XibUp has been developed. Looking for business Partner is for sure one thing. 
But how to find a business partner is another point. 
XibUp is the social Platform which is the answer of that questions!


How to find international distributors ?

Distributers play one of the most important role for growing internationally. 
Find international distributor is difficult and takes a lot of time.

Finding the right distributor and to get in touch with him is much difficult. 
XibUp makes that Distributor - Manufacture Business Matching possible. 
Distributors worldwide are registered at and looking also fo new international business partner. 

How to find international Integration companies / Integrator ?

Also Integrator play a major role in a international business framework. 
integrators provides the know how of integrating different products to one complete solution. 
But how to find Integrators and how to cooperate with them?

On XibUp you will also find Integrators around the world presenting the company and looking for new business partner. 


Business Partner Platform

The best Business Partner Platform to generate new business partner is XibUp. 
People from all business sectors and all over the world find each other on this business partner platform. 
So you are also welcome to join XibUp and to become a member of this special business partner platform.