How do I find an international business partner?

Doing business internationally is not easy. It cost money, time a lot of efforts.

But how and where to start? How to find business partner overseas? Or how my company can be found by potential partner? is the Plattform concentrating on doing international business easy for every one worlwide.


What is ?

An International Business Platform with Social Character and special designed Business features

Done for companies and entrepreneurs who want to expend there Business internationally

An international Business Networking Platform for connecting companies from different Business Units:


System Integrator
Current problem for doing international Business:
International Business is only possible by having international partnerships.
That means, high investments are needed for searching for the right partner, like:
   Expensive Sales stuff
   High traveling costs
   Much time for searching
   No international experience
   Not enough budget available for investments
   Difficult to find the right Partner (Manufacturer, Distributer,…)
   Small and Middle sized companies cannot do the commercial investments that are needed
   Getting found is difficult (especacially for jung and small companies)
    All that is solved with
Solution for doing international Business provides the international Business Network features needed to find the right partner and to build up the international Network
--> is the Partner search for companies and B2B Business features and benefits
Every professional can add his profile with all details
Every company can add a fully detailed company profile
Business Match
Companies do find each other automatically after entering there search details


Detailed search
Companies, Services, Products, User and more can be searched very detailed
Companies and Users can get founded and directly contacted via XibUp
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