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Looking for Distributors?

Millions of companies locally and worldwide are looking for your products and services.

Looking for Manufacturers?

Find millions of distributors, integrators, end-users and more worldwide.

Looking for End-users?

Find millions of distributors, integrators, products and more worldwide.

Looking for System Integrators?

Find millions of new clients and projects locally and worldwide.

Looking for Service Providers?

Millions of companies locally and worldwide are looking for your services.

Looking for Professionals?

Find companies, products, business news and more worldwide.

Looking for Job seekers?

Find new jobs and get found by Headhunters.

Looking for Headhunters?

Find Professionals and talents worldwide on XibUp.

Members of XibUp

Business Partner Match

You can easily find your international manufacturer, distributor, Integrator and more by using the special XibUp detailed company search filter

Find your products

Find the product and services you are looking for directly from international manufacturers, distributors or service providers and get in touch with them

Present your company

Present your company with all the details and get easily found by international potential clients and partners

International Business network

Build up your international Business Network and expand your business and sales in an easy way

Get company rating information

Have a look at the company ratings before buying anything and get your company feedback by being rated

Headhunters and job seekers

Headhunters can find the most interesting profiles worldwide. Or simply search for your new job in thousands of job offers worldwide

Looking for a Business Partner

The target of companies which want to expand their international or national business, is to find new business partners. That’s why XibUp has developed a main feature, the Business Partner Match. This Business Partner Match feature has a specially developed code to make it easy for companies and business developers to find each other and to bring business people together worldwide.

International Business

International business is more and more important based on the globalisation. So, the Business Partner Match availability on XibUp is supporting the international expansions and cooperation of companies. Business Partner Matching and more features are there to facilitate business globalisation.

Headhunters, Profiles and Jobs

XibUp is not only providing the automated Business Partner Match feature but also Headhunters will meet professional business profiles on XibUp and can publish new Jobs. XibUp users can find new jobs and get directly in touch with the companies and Headhunters via XibUp.

Five-star companies on XibUp

On XibUp, companies are rated based on Product Quality, Prices, After-Sales support and more. So, after using the automated or manual Business Partner Match module, found companies can be checked before getting in touch with them. International companies can show their performance on XibUp.

Why looking for business partner matches on XibUp

XibUp is building up international B2B Networks. Business Partner Matches, special search features and more make that possible. All business opportunities are mixed on XibUp. Sales, Purchasing, Marketing, Jobs, Headhunters, and more find their right place on XibUp. The base of this international platform is of course the Business Partner Match Feature. Users and companies build up their B2B network to have the highest chance of finding new business partners, jobs, employees and more.

Fast international business

Saving time and money is the aim of XibUp for companies, and business users. The Business Partner Match module for example makes fast business possible. Manufacturers meet distributors worldwide. End-Users meet manufacturers. Contractors find new Projects and Clients. Headhunters find professional new business profiles. All in all, with XibUp the main business areas are available with special features to move quickly.